Tax advice

Any change in your situation can have tax consequences. We can optimize your tax position and inform you thoroughly regarding the possibilities. We can anticipate developments and draw up a plan for the future.

A small selection of possible tax issues with which we regularly deal:

  • Reduction of the tax burden through smart
    tax planning
  • Structuring joint ventures
  • Structuring international investments
  • Optimizing salary structures
  • Setting up a tax-wise efficient finance structure
  • Aircraft transactions
  • General tax planning
  • Cross-border transactions/international
    investments/cross-border employment
  • Mergers/acquisitions
  • Finance structures
  • Investment structure
  • Pension-related issues
  • Tax audits
  • Real estate transactions
  • Estate planning

Exploratory consultation

We can discuss your situation with the tax inspector in advance, in order to gain certainty regarding your tax position.

Preparing letters of protest

If you have received an incorrectly increased assessment, it can be protested within the statutory deadline. We can review such increased assessments and consult with you regarding the options for protest. We can analyze the chances of a successful procedure. We can prepare the letter of protest and discuss the situation with the tax inspector.

Appealing to the Tax Appeal Court

If you do not agree with the tax inspector’s decision regarding the letter of protest, there
may be possibilities for appealing the decision at the Tax Appeal Court. We can analyze the case and help you decide whether it is wise to appeal to the Tax Appeal Court. We can lodge your Appeal with the Tax Appeal Court and file a letter of Appeal.